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Sunday, July 31, 2011
being emo~

7 mths into my job.....
sometimes im real tired of my job. physically tired. i work like 12 hrs a day with onli an hr break. sometimes i even go for 30mins. and there's no OT pay. =.=" so tired...
i feel that i have no time for myself, no time for family, no time for frens. anyway i tink im drifting apart from all my best frens too.
ever since i started this job, i tink i have been out with my frens during weekdays for a total of less than 10 times!!! can u imagine... its like once a mth. sometimes i dun even go out once a mth (during weekdays la..)
my life has been extremely BORING.. start work at 8am... end work ard 8pm. sometimes earlier, sometimes later. its very hard to fix a time to go out with frens after work too lor. every sat is half day work... but working hrs is frm 8am to 3+pm. tat is HALF DAY?!?!?!???!??
see... sunday is my onli rest day.

anyway, i keep getting sick during this 6 mths. body has been weak. am i overworking?
the other day, i was really unwell at work. but i cannot go and see the doc until everyone has come back from their lunch break (fyi, we do rotating lunch breaks. nobody goes lunch tog.). so i have to FORCE myself to work and work and work, with a tired and cold body, until its my lunch time (ard 2+pm). so i tried to settle my stuffs asap before going back home to see the doc. but suay suay, there's some problems. =( so i went ahead to see the doc nearby my workplace. the doc took my temp and was shocked that my temp was so high and ask y i onli came to see him onli now. erm.. i told him i need to work. so he gave me mc for the day and the nxt day. but i still need to go back to work to settle the unsolved problems. haiz..
ended up, i onli went home ard 630pm. struggling to keep myself 'alive' at work. tats how jialat my job is. haiz..

the good thing abt this job is... i dun have to bring work home. there is very little KIV brought forward to the nxt day. i hate to work from home and i hate KIVs.

throughout these few mths, there are some newcomers. but have left and will be leaving soon. nxt mth, another 2 new colleagues will join us. its very saddening to see people come and go so fast. u can easily build a relationship with someone, but its hard to see them go. haiz.....
anyway no one can be trusted in ur job. even ur managers. some managers are like bastards while some are like angels. i hope i will be like the angel manager. =)

soon, i will be having a different jobscope which im still uncomfortable in. but i'll try hard.
i wan to get big bonus!!!! dunno how long i have to wait~~~~~

today, im feeling abit emo.... cos i really find a distance btwn me and my best frens. some got attached. and i seriously dunno y all my frens who got attached are soo attached to their partners. there is a huge change of feeling which i dunno how to describe. like in the past, we can be so open, but now.... very cold.
some even forget its my bdae. every year celebrate my bdae with the same bunch of ppl. just becos we hardly meet up, nobody ever remembers. =(
and the onli people who remember are those who are not sincere in being friends. sometimes i even feel that all these 'friends' are more caring than my real friends.
im such a loner now....

im tinking.... maybe i sld do some changes in march....
7:14 PM

Friday, March 11, 2011

sorry for not updating. im still alive.

been REAL busy with work. working almost 12 hrs everyday. damn tiring.
and now........ im goin to slp liao. hahaha..
still needa work on sat.... boo hooo.. D=
11:05 PM

Thursday, January 6, 2011
Happy New Year!!

happy 2011!!

yes i miss training. very much. actually i miss the ppl.
its a very short 17 days of training but we are all so attached (tats wat i feel la. haha..)

2010 has passed so quickly.
it was the last sem of sch the first half yr.
i miss sch!!!!

den got a job at some lousy company which still owe me money until now. joined the co in Jul and left in Sept. Sept until now is aldy more than 3 mths and they are still owing me money!!! i have been asking them for my money and they dun wan to give it to me.
but im at the disadvantage cos the amt is not stated in my contract. haiz. onli my mgr told me verbally. now she left the co. so her words are nth now. but all the previous staffs got the same money. y cant i get? kns one.

den stopped working for 2 mths. my official date of joinin current co is 1st dec. hope i can last long in this company la.
i still got 2 more days of leave to take frm last yr. haha.... so this yr i got 26 days of leave! and 2 days of family day leave to take. total 28 days!! hahahaha.. 30 days of MC still shock me. lol.
so one whole yr i can have at least 58 days of leave/MC leh. haven count those marriage, pregnancy, etc leave. who knows, i may get married/pregnant this yr! den how many days to work onli? haha.. shuang!!

im now back at my official workplace. kinda near.
everyday is a challenge. get to meet different kind of customers everyday. some are nice, some are nasty.
very busy at work. so time passes very quickly.
can easily work 12 hrs a day! no wonder i become so tired nowadays. i look so bad nowadays.
hope i will get used to it and get back my energy.

alrite, its time for me to slp. nite nite~
Have a happy new year and hope this year will be a great year for everyone!!!

PS: sld i get a Prada or BV wallet leh? hahha
11:26 PM

Thursday, December 16, 2010
new job training

3rd week into my new job's training. the training center is super far. near expo. so everyday i take the bus to changi airport and den mrt to expo. kinda silly to be overshooting and den taking the train back. but its faster and more convenient.
training is fun and very stressful. fun becos the ppl are v nice. there are 16 of us in our batch. almost all of us will be posted to seperate branches. nobody will be goin to the same branch with me. =(
the youngest in our batch is 21 yr old. and the oldest... i tink got almost 50 yr old bah. hehehe...
i like everyone except one gal. hahahaa.... not same frequency with her.
our best buddy in the training center will be the drinks vending machine. EVERYONE will queue at the vending machine during break and lunch times. hahahaha... so many different kinds of kopi. but i hate kopi. so it's milo or hot chocolate for me sometimes. hee =D
den there's this big couch outside the classroom. lol. nice for slping and resting. the place is super good and comfortable. hehee....
the stressful part is... there's test after every chapter. practically everyday lo. sometimes 1 day will have 2 tests leh. jialat. and passing score is 75%!!!!! super stressful de.
sometims when i dun really understand that particular chapter, i will be super nervous b4/during/after the test. so nervous that i almost vomitted.
den there will be another final validation on the last day of training. jialat. i have forgotten abt those that was tested b4 lo. i tink i will vomit until siao.

training will be ending nxt week. im aldy missing the training. =(

alrite, need to go slp early. hate the travelling part. cos soooo many ppl squeezing. haiz.
11:27 PM

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
She's good!!

4:16 PM

ah long's 跑腿 came to my door for help

have been jobless for a mth!! ahhh.... goin to finish my money liao.
hope my ex co will pay me commission they owe me lo. so long aldy. haiz. O$P$ mah! kns!

the other day, an ah long came to my door for help. lol.
we heard running footsteps from the corridor upstairs. mama went to peep at the door and saw this young guy (maybe ard 20yo, quite good looking somemore) standing at the far end of our door. kpo mama opened the door and asked wat happened. lol. so i stand behind mama and see lo. hahaha.... im curious hor.
the guy walked towards my door. he said the uncle (chasing him) wants to beat him up. mama asked y? papa came and asked wat happened. papa asked y he's here, nv see him b4 in our area one. the boy jus say the uncle wanna beat him. he came to look for a fren den the uncle wanna beat him.
mama say the police car is aldy downstairs liao, so dun fight. the uncle behind said he was the one who called the police. papa dun wanna get involved in this. he wanted to close the door. the boy say dun close the door, later the uncle beat him. lol.
the policeman came soon and we see them tok to the boy and uncle.
parents said the boy muz be some 跑腿.
so young... so good looking.... wasted.

btw, i'll be joining the insurance line soon. lol. i reject all the offers frm financial institutions but i accepted this. my title very nice... ABSM. lol. if u noe wat it stands for.
anyway im still not officially employed yet lo. still waiting for the HR to call me. damn slow la....
hope i can tahan AT LEAST a year or 2 in this line. hahahaha....

HR, please call me soon~ but not so soon oso. i wan some rest. but i wan money.
oh, how? so 矛盾....
12:12 AM

Monday, October 11, 2010
blogging abt sept

more than a mth since my last post. lol.
real lazy la. anyway who still read blog nowadays?

although i tendered my resignation letter on the 6th, my official last day of employment with the company was 30 Sept 2010. actually i was extended to an unknown date until they got a new replacement for me. but i cannot stand the 'unknown'. i dunno which day i will be asked to leave. thus, i told my mgr that i will extend my employment until end of the mth. till date, they haven got a replacement. and my mgr has oso left the co. no replacement for her position as well.
the co is seriously in a mess la.
although i was really abt how employees are being treated at the co, i kinda regreted that i left the co so early. getting abit bored at home. everyone is now working. i got no one to go out with. =(

anyway, YYMS had a chalet at downtown east in sept!!!! so fun~
we celebrated bw's bdae there..... hehehehe....

Day 1:
Checked in. reached there 8pm+ cos most of us were working.
put down our things in the room and out we go~!!
quick dinner at burger king. den went for movie. watched Devil. alrite, i didnt watch it. i jus 'listened' to it cos i cannot cover my ears. =(
went back, bathed, played some games (i forgot the name. some chim game taught by tucky.) and den slp. hahaha....

Day 2:
KLunch~! hehehee... satisfied our hunger and our diaphragm. heehee..
went 'marketing' for bbq food. it was sort of a YYMS private affair. there's onli 5 of us. so there's no need for us to order lotsa food frm those caterer.
anyway we bought lotsa bbq food too.... marinated chicken thigh, crabstick (lesson learnt: nv buy cheap ones), golden mushroom, asparagus, (cheese & bacon & ham to wrap the vege), taiwan sausages, hotdog, and alot of mineral water. hahahahaha....
tats a whole lot of things to eat! but we managed to finish most of it lo. hehehe.... i love the taiwan sausages and of cos the golden mushroom wrapped with cheese and ham~~~ Yummy. hahaha..
after the bbq, tuck received some very good news!!! hahahaha... so happy for him. den he treat us drink at McCafe. lol.
went back and had a v small celebration for bw. lol. sept baby mah. some photo taking and 'gek' cutting session la.

hehehe... i bought the party hats and the happy birthday banner. childish but fun leh. lol. take photos oso nicer mah.
anyway i forgot wat we did after the gek cutting session. prolly went to slp after eating the gek bah. hahahaha....

Day 3:
Time to check out. =( Time pass real fast esp when we r having fun.
lunch at popeye's b4 bw send us all home.

tats it for the chalet part. haaha..

Haiz~ Our online shop got no business at all for the past 2 mths lo!! Damn. y isit so hard to make money? many ppl make money online wor. y cant we?
and shitty FB keeps blocking me frm adding ppl. kns! i wan to HUAT HUAT HUAT ah!!!!!

J is back for a week. so went to meet him lo. he said i look so 憔悴!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!! he's the first one who said i  憔悴 lo. i muz be dying  soon~~~~ i looked through some of my old pics. i tink i really aged alot. sad. =(
11:24 PM